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Made with Secret Family Ingredients—and Love! 


 What can be said about Devil Brownies? They are sinfully delicious, that’s what! For us chocolate-loving Turtles, it was love at first bite. When the rich dark chocolate coupled with the gooey caramel melted across our palates, our spirits soared with elated pleasure and a twinkle sparked in our eyes. They comfort the soul, kindle the heart and rouse the senses. Warmed for a few seconds, they pair nicely with a deep Port dessert wine, a warm cup of tea or an ice cold glass of milk, and make the perfect sweet for after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We surprised our clients with Devil Brownies this past year as holiday treats, and we were bombarded with rave reviews (and also chided for not supplying gym memberships with the decadent delights). We had never before received such an outstanding response from our previous gift giving.

 Devil Brownies are heavenly delights that are deliciously evil. They’re a Turtle favorite and we stand by that!

Lisa McComsey and Linda O’Donnell,
Owners, Flying Turtle Marketing

Devil Brownies defy conventional wisdom in that they taste so good and are so satisfying that it is not necessary to eat more than one to feel really satisfied. The taste is outstanding, and makes a perfect dessert or decadent snack.

The first time I bit into one I said, "Wow That Is Good; That Is The Best Brownie I Have Ever Eaten!"

The fact that I keep reordering them speaks louder then any words.

The customer service is excellent; the Brownies are delicious; what are you waiting for?

Zachary S.

Dear Clare and Maureen,

I wanted to thank you so much for doing our wedding favors and working so diligently on finding the perfect boxes. The Brownies were a definite hit among the wedding guests, oh and the bride and groom. It was so nice to work with both of you. You made the chore of finding our favors a pleasure among the sea of craziness of planning a wedding. Thank you,

Dan and Rachel Cluna

I ordered Devil Brownies for my daughter’s christening as favors. They were wonderful! I have never tasted anything like them, they were fabulous! I had a lot of choices on the wrapping and ribbon to match my occasion. I found the pricing to be very reasonable, the owners were so courteous and professional and my order was completed with no hassle. All the guests at my event raved about the brownies and how absolutely delicious they were. Most of the guests ate them before our meal even came out. I also got a lot of compliments on the presentation, including the allergen statement on the bottom. I would have never thought of it, but there are so many people with allergies (especially children); they really thought of everything! I would recommend this delicious product to anyone who needs favors for any event. I will definitely order them again!!! Thanks again,

Vicki Lee DeBree, NJ

Hey Clare,

Soooo Devil Brownies! Where to begin, sweet, oooey, gooey, and delicious! All I know is I received a voice mail from you just a few minutes ago and you mentioned that those devilishly deliciously evil brownies will be making an appearance here and my mouth began to water and my chocolate cravings began to double. We are all very excited for their arrival.

Jay Bailey, Account Manager,
Urner Barry Publications, Inc.
A Team of Devil Brownie Fans!

We recently had an office party and ordered several dozen of Clare Bojus’ and Maureen Sarluca’s Devil Brownies. They were absolutely delicious. Throughout the entire party all we heard was, “these are the best brownies we have ever had.” The presentation of the brownies and the freshness were exceptional. We would not hesitate to order these brownies again in the near future, not just for a party but for our own personal dessert.

Drs. Kim and Michael Cirone

It isn't often that you find something that's absolutely perfect. But when I had my first Devil Brownie experience, I knew I'd found perfection. I've eaten many, many brownies in my life, and absolutely none compare to these. They are the perfect combination of rich chocolate and caramel - moist and chewy. Even though Clare and Maureen refuse to divulge their secret recipe, I'm fairly certain they add some
sort of magical ingredient that keeps you craving more. Devil Brownies - they're certainly not your ordinary brownies. They are absolutely perfect. I love them!!!

Walt Kopy, Toms River, NJ
Brownie Connoisseur

Those Devil Brownies are devilishly delicious!!! You know they’re good when you want more. I especially like how they’re individually wrapped. They travel well, and make great little presents. Your website, and your products in particular, are very impressive indeed.

Alex M.—Cleveland, OH

Hello Ladies,

I just wanted to let you know the wedding was wonderful!! Boy, let me tell you what a hit your brownies were! People were killing each other for them. They absolutely loved them. So, many people said they were going to call you about them. It made me so happy for you guys. I know you put a lot of love and hard work into your brownies. Sincerely,

Jody S. –Toms River, NJ

Receiving Devil Brownies is better than catching the wedding bouquet!

Jill H.—Ocean County Massage Institute

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